Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Wooly Bugger

I am planning to see if Lacamas Lake is back up.

I was at Sportsman's Warehouse this week and as usual one of the fishing guys talked me into trying something new. First I was told to take these 3" lizards and properly rigged to a jig and tossed into any rocks on the Columbia a smouthmouth bass would be mine...garranteed! I did it with no results. Then I was sold a weedless jig with a black/purple/chartruese skirt and told to work that real slow accross the bottom of any cover and the bass would come running, could not fail. Lost it in about 6 casts.

This time I was sold a couple of nice big wooly buggers. I was told to string a clear bobber on my line then a small bead then tie a swivel clasp on. Tie the wolly bugger to a 36" leader and fill the bobber half way with water cast to cover or where ever I thought the trout were and use a slow retrieve. I am going to try that at the mouth of the creek at Lacamas... be continued.

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