Saturday, October 6, 2007

Waste of time

Wow, what a waste of time. Got up early this morning and had Matthew help me put the canoe on the Jeep. Remembered to charge the battery. Everything was great! Got to the slough and it was barely light. No problem getting into the water.
The problem was the water. It was lower than I have seen it and I heard one of the guys on a real fishing boat say that he had never seen it this low. I was going to try and catch some bass. I went out the night before and bought a "Rat-L-Trap" bass lure. I have crank baits that look like crawdads. I have a few colors of spinner baits. The water was only about four feet deep and clear as a bell. The water temp was...well, warmer than the air. I did not get any response to any of the lures I used.
I rigged a Trout Magnet and caught a few dinky perch. Then I went back to the area around where I fish at the boat launch and caught a bunch of dinky perch. Nothing big enough to eat.
I do better there when I fish from the bank. What a waste of time to bring the canoe, except that now I know not to bring it. I always go there and say to myself that I should have brought the canoe...cured that!
I stopped at Vancouver Lake on the way home because I always see cars parked like they are fishing there. I went to check it out and an old asian guy was going down and since I did not even know where to go I followed goofy was that...he was stopping to pee in the bushes!
I went down where the fisherman were and they were congregating at the place where the slough that connects Vancouver Lake and The Mighty Columbia opens into the lake. A couple of the guys were using noodling poles. I have seen those in Wal-Mart for six or eight dollars and have wanted to try one. They were doing it wrong. They were all fishing less than ten feet from the shore. Very rocky and deep. I did notice sticks were setup for fishing at the mouth of the slough, must be for catfish or carp.
Well, I did not have a great day, but I did not get skunked. That is something, in'it.

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