Monday, October 1, 2007

Late again...

Went to a "closeout sale" Friday after work. Turned out to be a third-rate pawn shop and I ended up with a fairly nice rod/reel combo for $10. Went to Rainbow fishing shop and the guy there was not from around here so he had no good advice and he was trying to do his paperwork so he was trying to get me to leave. I guess he could tell I was not a high-ticket customer. Went to Sportsman's Warehouse to find a paddle since I broke the big one in my canoe. Took my new rod in to see if I needed to get more line on it and got talked into a bass jig...might as well try it.

Well I could not get my lazy butt out of bed again Saturday morning. I did not wake up until 10:30 so I just took my time and made breakfast and did the crossword in the paper. Took my son to work at 1:00 and headed out to Lacamas Lake. Fished from the dock with no response for a while. Moved out to the north of the dock because there are some trees sticking out of the water. Lost my new bass jig on about the fifth cast...oh, well. I did catch a few small perch. Left after awhile and went to Caterpillar Island. The water was low and coming up when I got there. Caught a few more dinky perch and two that I could keep for eating. Caught a fish I have never seen before will post a picture.

My new rod works OK, but I have decided to get more line on it because i think it should cast farther. Noticed that it says on the pole that it is a 6', but it is maybe 5'6" so it must have had a tip repair at some time.

Still can not get any of my kids to go fishing with me. And I have no friends that will. It would cost too much to hire a prostitute to go fishing with me, but I think that is the only way to not go alone...

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