Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Battle Ground Lake November 3, 2007

It seems like everything around here (Vancouver, USA) is in the "wait for spring" mode. I just read a fishing report for a lake on the other side of the state from me and it inspired me, I am going to go out this weekend and get me some fish, dog-gone-it!! The fellow in the report caught a 23 inch, five-pound-two-ounce Brown on a Wooly Bugger (WB) I have just recently learned how to use the WB. I tried to troll it at Battle Ground Lake, but I am not sure I am doing it right. I first put a sliding, clear bobber. Then a bead and then tied on a snap swivel. Attached to the snap swivel is a leader about 36" long with the WB on the end and the bobber half full of water. I cast out the line and then as I rowed I let additional line out until the bobber was about 60 feet behind me then I paddled the lake. First down the middle and then all around the shoreline. I had one hit down the middle, but failed to set the hook. That was it, I trolled for two or three hours stopping now and again to cast the WB and to fish with other lures and the trusty worm under a bobber. The worm was the only thing that got fish...too small for eating. Maybe I am trolling too fast/too slow, maybe I need more line out, maybe I need to weight the WB to go deeper...I do not know.

Any advice for a novice?