Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Cold Fishing

Went out to Klineline Pond Saturday Morning because I read a report of a fish planting and it is a small pond and how hard can it be catch a trout in a small pond when there are so many.

Got there about eight in the morning. Some guy had a fire going in one of the fishing piers...mmm that is weird, did not know that was legal. Fished a Berkley trout worm for a while then tried a spoon. Then my hands were so cold I could not tie on anything else. Wanted to beat up the guy with fire and take it from him. Not having any fun. Dress warmer next time. I was in my Jeep and out of there by eight-forty...I am such a wussy.

Maybe I will wait for spring.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

New Passion

Well, I have not been out fishing since my last post, but I have found a new passion. I am going to learn how to tie jigs for fishing. I went to Sportsman’s and bought a fly tying kit and have been “studying up” on what to tie and how to tie. The wife 'O my life bought me a beginner’s book at B & N and it has a lot of the basics in it, very helpful. My wife is so sweet and very supportive of all my fishing stuff.

Since I have the vice and tools I thought I would go and get the material to try out this whole tying thing...I was so excited I picked one of the Bright Butt Buggers from Hillbilly Geek's posts on Washingtonfishingfools.com and went down to Sportsman's.AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH...they do not have all the right stuff. Oh, well I will improvise and make up my own color scheme. They do not have Kevlar thread in black, they do not have 6/0 thread in black, I got everything else and the worker-bee told me I could go across the parking lot and get some black thread at Joann fabrics. So off I go to get my thread. They have never heard of Kevlar thread, ok, ok, how about your strongest synthetic thread in black. Great I have everything...now I am really getting psyched. When I get home the thread spool will not fit in the bobbin holder I got in my kit...poop. I did hear about a fly shop over by Costco here in Vancouver...I will try there....the adventure continues

one fish at a time...


Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Catfish at Night

Went out to Lacamas Lake Friday December 28 after work. Did not get out until about 45 minutes after dark. There I sat with my lawn chair and my gas lantern, listening to the unseen water lap up on the rocks. It was nice.
I tried a gang hook with a nice fat crawler Texas rigged with no results for a half hour or so and switched to beef liver. No luck there either. Maybe I am in the wrong spot, maybe I am using the wrong bait? I may never know...how would I know? Who would tell me?

I guess I will go to Klineline Pond and catch trout. It is a small pond and they stock it with pretty good size trout...even a blind squirrel finds a nut in a place like that.

I want so bad to be a good fisherman, but there is no one to mentor me...no one to teach me.