Saturday, October 13, 2007

Wooly Bugger II

I went out to Lacamas this morning. Got there about 8:00 a little late, but it was nice. There was a high fog. The temperature was moderate. The wind was light. I launched at the old WDFW boat ramp. The water is up to almost normal...maybe down 18-24 inches. I motored over to the mouth of the creek to try my new Wooly Bugger. With the water up I did not know exactly where the channel was so I fished "blind" for a half an hour or so with no result. I went back to the old reliable worm and bobber...same result.
I paddled up the creek to a bend where when the water was very low there was a small water fall. I tried the Wooly Bugger again (black and chartreuse) cast, retrieve very slow, repeat. I was pulling the lure/fly upstream where the fall was with a half-full clear bobber and about 36" of leader. I was just about to give up when BANG. I got a strike. It was very exciting. I am attaching a picture of the 12" Brown Trout. I do not know what the cut on his side is, but he tasted pretty good for my dinner tonight.

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