Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Update On Tying

I talked to my brother Larry on the phone and I knew he had tied flies but did not know if he still did. He told me he tied for a few years in the 80s and had just two weeks ago dug out all his tying stuff and gave it to a charity for an auction. He told me he quit tying because he was allergic to the cement and he just found it easier to buy flies.

I ordered a new book called "Ten Easy Ties" on a recommendation from a new tier on He said that he tied all of them and they turned out good looking. I think it would increase my confidence and give me good practice.

I went to the website of Ian Colin James []. Wow what a cool site. Lots of great information and he has a great sense of humor. He has a step-by-step instruction for a fly called Megan's Minnow and it looks really good and not too difficult to tie. I want to tie this up and send it to Brother Larry since he said he had not made time to fish for a long time. He lives in Montana, only the absolute best fly fishing state in the union! I have uploaded an image of the minnow as tied by Ian and I will upload an image of mine when I get it tied.

No Fishing...yet

Last night I was looking over a couple of books I have on fishing Washington and my Washington State Gazzateer to find some new places to go fishing. I got all excited about going and I might just go this week-end if I can. My in-a=laws will be up from California and my daughter will be down from Tacoma so I probably will not get to go out fishing, but there is a creek that crosses 41st Steet just north of town that used to be stocked and now is not...sounds great. I will at least drive by, maybe stop and take a look.

I was told there were no fish in Burnt Bridge Creek. I was reading last night that there are fish, just not fish that most folks want to catch. Carp and suckers. I would love to add them to my life-list.

This spring is going to be awesome!!