Saturday, May 17, 2008

Wintler Park

Went out to Wintler Park about 8:00 this morning and fished until 11:00.
There was a guy who had been there since about 7:30 and he had three or four fish on his stringer but he did not know what they were. Best we could figure they were squawfish. He also had a nice 10" smallmouth bass. He was catching fish with almost every cast and I caught two squaws the whole time. No suckers, dang!
We were both fishing worms on a leader with a weight above. Tossing them out and letting them drift a little.
Oh, well not a complete waste of time since I found a twenty dollar bill in the grass.

Left there and went to Caterpillar Island hoping that the water has warmed enough for the perch to be biting...not yet.
I was fishing a worm under a slip bobber and the water was higher than I have ever seen it. All I caught was three baby steel head between four and six inches.

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