Monday, May 5, 2008


Well I kind of shot myself in the foot Saturday. I got up real early to go fishing and then dinked around and dinked around and decided to go shoot my blackpowder rifle instead up at the english pit shooting range, which is suppose to be under new ownership, but i talked myself out of that too.

Finally went out to the lake about six in the evening. Went to the dock and noone was catching anything, but I hung out and fished until about eight and got nothing, no bites, no fish. I was tssing a kastmaster for a bit then switched to a worm under a slip bobber. It was almost like a set myself up for failure.

This coming week-end is my birthday and Mother's day, so I will be lucky to get out maybe on Saturday. I was thinking I should try and get some time on the water sometime this week after work.

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