Monday, May 5, 2008

Bow Killers

Two of the boys, Zach and Brock, who usually attend the Middle-School activities were not there last night for the regular Sunday night devotional. The kids usually meet at the church building and then I take them in the van to devotional, but last night we had our meeting at the church building and afterwards these two show up with Brock's mom. She was dropping off Zach so he could connect with his sister there at the building to get home because it was closer/more convenient. When I asked where they had been I was told they went bow-fishing out at Vancouver Lake.

Brock had killed a hundred carp and Zach had killed about 80 and they did not know how many Brock's dad had killed. They do this every spring when the carp move up into the shallows. They do not "use" the fish for anything. They do not eat them or even use them as fertilizer or dog food. They just kill them and let them sink, deflated to the bottom of the lake. They just kill to be killing.

I understand that people think the carp has no place in the lake. They are an exotic, invasive specie. I just think that killing just to kill and not using what you kill is, well, just not right.

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stan jensen said...

i thought i was illeagle to "waste fish" check with washington fish and game