Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Holy crap I want to go fishing

I hate that there is no fishing around here during the winter unless you want to catch steelhead. I want to catch steelhead, but I do not know how and I am having enough trouble figuring out how to catch trout without adding to the frustration. I went to the usual spots where I have caught fish all summer and there is nothing.
I have been considering going on a guided boat trip in the Washugal. It is only $65 and I could catch a winter-run steelhead. There is another guide service that guaranties you will catch a steelhead or salmon or your next trip is free. Why would I want to go again if I did not catch any fish?
I hear people say all the time that it is not about the catching fish. It is about getting out on the water. BULL FEATHERS!! For me I need to catch fish. If I get skunked it ruins the whole day for me. I was defeated. Also I can really only justify the money I spend on fishing by supplementing my food budget with fish.

Maybe I will go up to Daybreak Park and try this week-end...

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