Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Roughfish Contest

The roughfish.com Specie Contest is going on the whole month of June. The point of the contest is to see how many different specie of fish you can catch in the month of June. The winner gets a custom made fishing rod. This is the third day and some of the members already have more than ten specie. Dr Flathead has nineteen...what a fisherman. Last years winner had over forty species caught.

Went down to The Mighty Columbia and the slough I frequent at Catapiller Island was 5 or 6 feet higher than normal. The boat ramp was almost unusable. Fished for a half hour and decided it was fruitless, went to where there is an underground entrance of the river into Vancouver Lake. There is normally pan fish close in and squawfish, suckers and catfish a ways out. It was also higher than I have seen it. fished for an hour or so and only caught a sculpin, which is concidered a minnow by contest rules and is not even qualified as a specie.

Hopefully I will be able to head out some nights this week and get some fish. My goal for the contest is ten species.

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