Wednesday, February 13, 2008

No Fishing...yet

Last night I was looking over a couple of books I have on fishing Washington and my Washington State Gazzateer to find some new places to go fishing. I got all excited about going and I might just go this week-end if I can. My in-a=laws will be up from California and my daughter will be down from Tacoma so I probably will not get to go out fishing, but there is a creek that crosses 41st Steet just north of town that used to be stocked and now is not...sounds great. I will at least drive by, maybe stop and take a look.

I was told there were no fish in Burnt Bridge Creek. I was reading last night that there are fish, just not fish that most folks want to catch. Carp and suckers. I would love to add them to my life-list.

This spring is going to be awesome!!

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